A Good Day

For the first time in memory, I went the whole day today not having heard one ounce of news — no paper, not tv, no radio, not even blogs. I’m trying to catch up before going to bed.

I see William Jefferson got re-elected in Louisiana. No doubt a few votes came from his freezer. Perhaps the name “William Jefferson” is some sort of magical talismanic get out of jail free card. I shall name my next child William Jefferson and live off the proceeds of his bank robberies.

Nothing changed on the personal front. It’s kind of crap that they tell you something dreary on a Friday afternoon and then say, “And we’re all going home to take the weekend off while you guys stew until Monday over the possibilities.” Christy is handling the whole thing much better than the rest of us.

Meanwhile, Evelyn is hamming it up for her Aunt Liefje and her “Ampaw.”

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