A Good Read About CPAC

As regular readers and listeners know, I have a real issue with CPAC. Were it named “Republican Political Action Conference” instead of the Conservative Political Action Conference, it’d be less a problem. But as it stands CPAC serves as a family reunion for the GOP. It’s not just the relatives you want to see, but all of them, including your crazy uncles from the attic.

CPAC is not a conference of conservatives, but rather a conference of Republicans across the spectrum. It has outlived its usefulness, but because CPAC is CPAC it could go on for infinity and the press and horny college kids in bow ties would keep showing up.

John Murdock gives a good take on one aspect of CPAC this year that is a reflection of its scope outsides the “C” in its name.

Pot was in and social conservatism was out. That is the best single sentence summary I can give after three exhausting and sometimes mind-numbing days at last week’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

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