A Horrendous Lie In The New York Times

The New York Times is proud of the fact that they used the word “lie” in a front-page headline, referring to President Trump, but they’ve countered with their own horrendous, jaw-dropping lie.

Nicholas Kristof, the columnist who questioned Pastor Tim Keller on what it means to be Christian if you don’t believe in the virgin birth, resurrection, or salvation through faith, penned this monstrous mountain of prevarication.

Yet the costliest presidential falsehoods and delusions are not the ones that people are talking about, such as those concerning the inauguration crowd or electoral fraud. The most horrific chicanery involves Trump’s new actions on women’s health that will cause deaths around the globe.

It followed the weekend’s stunning women’s marches: At least 3.2 million people apparently participated in all 50 states, amounting to 1 percent of the U.S. population. In a slap at all who marched, Trump this week signed an order that will cut off access to contraception to vast numbers of women, particularly in Africa.

It will also curb access to cancer screenings and maybe even undermine vaccination campaigns and efforts against H.I.V. and the Zika virus. The upshot: Thousands of impoverished, vulnerable women will die.

Because Trump signed an order reinstating the Mexico City Policy, which disallows U.S. taxpayer funding of abortions outside the United States, Kristof makes the totally unsupported, outlandish claim that “vast numbers” of women won’t get contraceptives, and “thousands” will die.

I thought the president had an outrageous streak in him, but Kristof trumped him with that whopper. He may as well have blamed Trump’s executive action for global warming, terrorism, and the dinosaurs’ extinction.

Let us proceed to unpack the layers of falsehood here.

First of all, we know that there’s money in the world outside of American taxpayer dollars. I know this is a surprise to most New York liberals, but it’s actually true. The Netherlands is raising money to meet the insatiable sexual needs of impoverished, vulnerable African women. Because the Dutch have money too.

Second, Trump’s executive order in no way cuts off contraceptive access to women outside the United States.

I further direct the Secretary of State to take all necessary actions, to the extent permitted by law, to ensure that U.S. taxpayer dollars do not fund organizations or programs that support or participate in the management of a program of coercive abortion or involuntary sterilization.

Even the Washington Post, one day ago, debunked the lie that the Mexico City policy stops access to abortions for women outside the U.S. (a lie which is promoted by NARAL Pro-Choice America).

“Performing” abortions is self-explanatory, but what constitutes “actively promoting” abortion as a family planning method? Per USAID’s 2007 handbook, an organization is “actively promoting” abortion when it commits resources “to increase the availability or use of abortion” as a method of family planning. Abortion-rights advocates call it a “global gag rule,” since it limits the discussion of abortion in counseling sessions, with some exceptions.

This includes:

  • Providing advice and information about the benefits and availability of abortion for family planning, even if abortion is legal in the country.
  • Lobbying a foreign government about abortion as a method of family planning.
  • Conducting a public information campaign about abortion as a method of family planning.

However, “actively promoting” does not include:

  • Referrals for abortion for pregnancies that resulted from rape, incest or that endanger the life of the mother.
  • Treatment of illnesses or injuries after women have already received an abortion, legally or illegally.
  • Responding to a question about obtaining a safe, legal abortion if a pregnant woman has already decided to have a legal abortion.

That means organizations can discuss abortion if it is in the context of those three exceptions — despite NARAL Pro-Choice America’s claim that it kills funding for any group that “even mentions abortions.”

Every Republican president since Reagan has used the Mexico City policy to limit American taypayer money from being used to pay for sterilization and abortion-based population controls (the Malthusian myth). Every Democratic president has suspended the policy. Liberals always claim that “thousands” of women in Africa will die.

What we do know is that thousands, if not millions, of unborn babies have been saved from the abortionist’s forceps. And whatever horrendous lies the New York Times or Nicholas Kristof want to spread, that’s the God’s honest truth.

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Steve Berman

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