A Legitimate Question For The Media About Hurricane Harvey

I challenge every news media outlet to pick a disaster relief charity and advocate for it. Prove you really care about people more than money.

Today’s headlines from various news reposters and top-line media outlets include stuff like what Keith Olbermann called Betsy DeVos, Taylor Swift’s new single, and Floyd Mayweather’s totally unsurprising-to-anyone result in last night’s fight.

The news media has no problem serving as an issues advocate on things they care about. But on things that truly matter, we see clickbait and politicization. As the media goes, so goes the country.

On Twitter, people argue over the value of prayer against Hurricane Harvey’s devastation.



Entertainment, sports, politics and the pursuit of the almighty dollar still rule for most people in America, unless you’re one of the unfortunate ones battling “catastrophic” floods or wind damage from Hurricane Harvey.

Even pictures of the devastation have turned into clickbait.


I happen to share a mutual friend with Reed Timmer (known for Discovery Channel’s “Storm Chasers“); I know he’s not in it for the money.

People who attended the most predictable boxing match in fight history paid north of $5,000 to be there. Can the media raise $600 million for disaster relief as easily as Floyd Mayweather lines his own pockets?

Many in Texas, who can ill-afford it, are suffering.

Let me ask a question: why hasn’t every single media report on Harvey. from every online source, included a link for people to donate to relief efforts?

Why isn’t the chyron crawl on CNN or MSNBC advertising where to give for disaster relief? Why isn’t the media being an issues advocate for suffering people as they are for other social issues?

There are groups in America ready and willing to show up and bring relief. The Red Cross, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, and my personal preference, Convoy of Hope, are all responding.

I challenge every news media outlet to pick a disaster relief charity and advocate for it. Prove you really care about people more than money.

Sure, FEMA can be there. The National Guard can be there. They save lives, clean up, and go home. America is better than its government. Let’s show the world why America is great: challenge the media to raise money for those whose suffering really matters.

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