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A Legitimate Story That Now Lacks a Foundation of Moral Authority

There is a very legitimate news story out there that is not going to get covered as deeply as it should because the institutions that should be covering it now lack the moral authority and legitimacy to do so.

“We will bury you,” Nikita Krushchev told the Western world in 1956. And Vladimir Putin is digging the grave as we speak. It would be silly of Putin to infiltrate and collaborate with the party that already is socialist. Instead, the wily Putin understands he has to collapse the party that collapsed the Soviet Union. And he is on track to do it.

The American media should be reporting this story. But they cannot because, as we are now seeing from the Russian backed leaks of DNC documents, much of the American media works hand in hand with the Democratic Party. A media that pursues this story is just going to get accused of hysterical partisanship.

The FBI cannot look into the story either. It lost its moral authority to deal with the story when it refused to pursue Hillary Clinton. So now we are in a situation where a major American political party is being co-opted by Russians and the institutions that should be doing something about it have no credibility or moral authority to engage.

If you have not paid attention, the Trump campaign operates essentially as a subsidiary of the Kremlin. In fact, Trump is now calling for the dissolution of NATO and worked to weaken the Republican platform on Ukraine. Both were goals of Vladimir Putin and both are being accomplished by Donald Trump.

I and others have noted for months that much of the online troll army supporting Trump are operated out of Moscow. In fact, the New York Times reported on a number of Twitter accounts peddling “ebola in America.” The reporters documented that those accounts were run out of Moscow and the twitter trolls themselves admitted it. Now some of those accounts are pro-Trump accounts.

Likewise, Trump has major financial backing in his businesses by Russian oligarchs. The Trump SoHo project was secretly funded, in part, by Russians.

Besides the fraud accusations, a separate lawsuit claimed that Trump SoHo was developed with the undisclosed involvement of convicted felons and financing from questionable sources in Russia and Kazakhstan.

And hovering over it all was a criminal investigation, previously unreported, by the Manhattan district attorney into whether the fraud alleged by the condo buyers broke any laws, according to documents and interviews with five people familiar with it. The buyers initially helped in the investigation, but as part of their lawsuit settlement, they had to notify prosecutors that they no longer wished to do so.

Paul Manafort, his campaign manager who resides in Trump Tower, is a long time political operative for causes near and dear Putin’s heart. Manafort handled the pro-Russian side of the Ukrainian situation and took with him to the RNC an enforcer named Rick Gates. Gates was named as an “agent of a Ukrainian oligarch” in a 2011 lawsuit.

Carter Page, one of Trump’s major foreign policy advisors, is pro-Russian and has had financial ties to Gazprom, which is essentially a Putin controlled gas monopoly in Russia. Page was recently caught on tape in Moscow bashing American foreign policy from a pro-Russian perspective.

On top of all of that, the Kremlin’s international propaganda efforts have all been directed toward a pro-Trump perspective.

Lastly, I increasingly do not think it a coincidence that it was Russian hackers who hacked the Democratic National Committee and are now leaking documents right before the Democratic Convention to disrupt it. I would suspect there’d also be Moscow funded protests in Philadelphia this week. While the leaks confirm much press bias and reinforce a lot of things we on the right have long thought about the Democrats, none of us should gloss over the fact that a foreign government that has already aligned its propaganda outlets toward Trump is now trying to actively undermine the Democrats.

You really need to read this whole piece on all these points tied together.

But the overaching issue is this. Conservatives have been pointing out these times for a long time and the mainstream media ignored them. Now this story will only be viewed in a partisan frame and many Republicans will rush to defend Trump. Likewise, since the FBI refused to recommend prosecution for what Hillary Clinton did, they have no moral legitimacy to pursue an investigation into the Trump campaign.

I am just amazingly impressed at the Kremlin’s ability to pull all of this and even more amazed that they will now have the party that brought down the Soviet Union back a man who wants to undermine and collapse all those American backed institutions used to bring about that collapse.

Putin, several have noted, has long believed the United States has led an underground media effort to drive him from power. Now he is doing the same to the West.

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