A Lesson Learned

Night before last I went out and spread mulch after supper. Christy headed to Bible Study and I was hauling 50 pound bags up mulch up a hill, slitting them open, and spreading them. Eight total.

Then I went in and rested, took a shower, and went to bed. Tuesday morning I got up early, headed to the airport, hopped a flight to Washington, and spent the rest of the day recreating the pea soup scene from the Exorcist.

Perhaps I had a stomach bug. I suspect that I got myself pretty well dehydrated and not filling up with gatorade or water or something undid me. Now, after sleeping it off and getting over the cramps, I’m at the office, but still queazy. I will, however, survive.

The moral of the story is that you should avoid yard work.

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  • With all of your talk about physical ailments, fevers and hurling, your blog reminds me of discussions I used to have with my grandmother when she was alive. Great stuff.


  • I doubt you can get away with blaming the yard work, however when you reach YOUR age you should pace your work!
    Love ya.