A Local Jayson Blair

Our hometown newspaper fired a reporter for pulling a Jayson Blair:

A Telegraph reporter was fired Friday after editors were notified of similarities between a story he wrote in October 2003 and one that previously appeared in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Khalil Abdullah’s story, about declining enrollment in high school automotive technology classes, contained several passages that were nearly identical to paragraphs from the Union-Tribune story, which was published July 14, 2003.
Abdullah, who covered education for The Telegraph, admitted Saturday that he had copied material from other newspapers but said he was unsure why he did it.

“I’m gonna have to live with the fact that a lot of people trusted me, and a lot of people respected me, and I let them down,” he said. “I’m just sorry that it brought The Telegraph undeserved attention.”

Telegraph Executive Editor Sherrie Marshall said editors met Friday with Abdullah after an editor from the Union-Tribune called to point out similarities between Abdullah’s story about automotive classes in high schools and the story that appeared in the San Diego newspaper.

Abdullah was fired after that meeting.

He apparently admitted to doing the same thing at the last paper he worked for.

I’m glad they fired the guy. His claim to fame in writing about education stories was to stir the race pot. Every story he wrote, he had to throw in something about the North Macon schools doing so much better and having so much more money. Of course, North Macon is where most white people live in the county. He didn’t want to address the deep issues. Race was just an easy way to explain everything.

Now it all makes sense. He was incapable of doing real journalism.

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  • Now, all he has to do is blame the white man for all of the pressure they put on him as a black man and he can get a huge book deal.

  • It is true that schools with more resources get the better deal. Those schools are usually those in middle to upper class America-regardless of race. However, race is still a huge issue in this country-very subtle, yet very alive. And, the fact that you incorporated race in your discredit of Abdullah proves the point. What about the millions of folks (white folks) who do this everyday? I’m a reporter and I see it everyday yet I stand for integrity. Just happened to see this while I was doing some research. Just a thought.