A Lot of Republicans Are So Adamant They’d Never Work for Trump, They Just Did This

According to BuzzFeed, a great many Republican communications strategists are adamant they would never, ever work for Donald Trump in the White House.

“It’s attractive to someone who is willing to ruin their reputation or who isn’t worried about what the future of their career looks like,” said one GOP communications specialist with presidential campaign experience. “You have to be willing to manage the unmanageable.”

Said a second veteran of the Bush White House: “You’re going to come out of the administration with your reputation in tatters, your credibility utterly destroyed, and your job prospects close to nil unless you want a low level CNN contributorship.”

On it goes.

These people are so adamant that they’d never work in the White House that they were willing to offer up these quotes without their names being quoted. After all, it’d be really inconvenient to have their names attached to this story when the White House is vetting their resumes for communications jobs they’d love to have.

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