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A Political Murder Suicide Pact

“The United States Supreme Court is on the line as is the Senate and the GOP is planning on handing the party over to a man less popular than syphilis.”

I honestly never expected to see this happen at a national scale, but we are in the midst of a murder-suicide pact that will be our ruination. The Republican Party intends to murder the nation and commit suicide along the way. With the Supreme Court in the balance and now the Senate and potentially the House, the GOP is going to hand itself over to a man who believes the President is rooting for ISIS and that the government should be able to round up guns without a due process hearing. The GOP is handing their party over to a man who wants to tear up both the first and second amendments and rip up the eighth amendment for good measure too.

If you have not noticed, let’s review where we stand right now.

Hillary Clinton is beating Trump in every recent poll and in every poll since March except four. In the polling average she has rebounded from -0.2% to +5.5%. Half the country hates Hillary Clinton and thinks Donald Trump would be better fighting terrorism, but Trump is so vastly more unpopular that more Americans are going with Hillary anyway. Surprisingly the polling shows that the Libertarian ticket actually hurts Clinton, not Trump. When Gary Johnson is not included in the polling, Hillary Clinton does even better against Trump.

And what is the GOP left with? Dodging questions about Trump. Now they have to dodge the questions over whether they agree with Trump that the President is rooting for ISIS. Likewise, they must also dodge the question on whether they agree with Trump that American citizens should be denied their constitutional right to keep and bear arms if Lois Lerner puts them on a no fly list.

Trump is to the left of the GOP on gun issues, transgender rights, and healthcare. He is on the fringe of conspiracy theorists on 9/11 trutherism, the President’s allegiance to Islam and ISIS, and whether Ted Cruz’s father helped assassinate John F. Kennedy.

He is not and cannot raise the money needed to compete with Hillary Clinton. Privately, people close to Trump admit he has not hit bottom in polling and the Republican leadership admits he may have to take public funds because he cannot match Hillary in fundraising. He has made Hillary Clinton competitive in states like Kansas, Arizona, Utah, and Georgia. Every single day he puts his foot in his mouth yet again forcing Republicans to talk about him, not their agenda.

A media that gave Trump a pass on everything in the primaries is now not only refusing to give Trump a pass, but bringing up his past statements to affirm that Trump does really believe the bat crap crazy things he is saying now.

The United States Supreme Court is on the line as is the Senate and the GOP is planning on handing the party over to a man less popular than syphilis. Seventy percent of Americans hate Donald Trump and every time he opens his mouth they hate him more. The best Trump has is the claim by his supporters that opposition to Trump means you automatically support Hillary Clinton. But guess what? It does not matter. Half the country hates her guts too and more will still vote for her than him.

Trump’s voters claim they want to “Make America Great Again,” but what they are actually doing is handing the country over to the very people who’ve ruined it. Trump’s supporters are Hillary Clinton’s best friends and because of Trump’s cult like following we will see the American left take over the Supreme Court, destroy businesses across the country, eradicate the second amendment, and force everyone to accept, not just tolerate, boys in the girls’ bathrooms. Of course Trump is cool with that last one.

This is a political murder-suicide. The GOP will murder the national interest and commit suicide in the process by nominating Donald Trump. The only thing that can stop it now is the delegates in Cleveland choosing not to pull the trigger.

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