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I’ve been so tied up today, I’ve barely had time to breath or post my Paultard hit. I have to thank Rush Limbaugh for pointing out this excellent post from Mark Tapscott, which Mark kindly emailed this morning and the necessities of the day made me skip.

With a few moments of respite, here are the highlights.

Gallup’s latest survey turns up extensive evidence of deep public disgust with the performance of the Democratic majority in Congress. On six major issues, Gallup found solid majorities either disappointed or angry with the performance of the Democrats.

Poor Democrats. They just can’t catch a break. The left, of course, would have us believe that if the Democrats just cut off war funding, their popularity would skyrocket. But that just isn’t the case. So what about the GOP?

But before Republicans get too happy about seeing the Democrats abysmal failure, I suggest the root of these numbers isn’t simply a dissatisfaction with policy failures, but rather an indication of a deeper disappointment borne of the widespread failure of Big Government.

We have created a federal Leviathan that promises to deliver something for everybody, with its regulations and taxation directing virtually every corner of daily life. There is no way any government can do that, so failures are inevitable. But over a period of time, as the failures in particular arenas multiply, there comes a point when the many specific failures merge into one general mood of dissatisfaction.

This points to what Mark has been saying for a while now — we need to cut the federal government. It probably isn’t going to collapse under its own weight without taking down the whole nation.

If the GOP in Congress wasn’t so spineless and still suffering from YoungStevensDoolittleLewis disease, it might have a good message on this. But until it purges itself (don’t ever accuse the GOP of being bulimic. They binge, but never purge), it will have exactly zero credibility.

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