A Myth

It is a myth that lawyers don’t get selected for jury duty. Not only did I get selected, but I had a trial today. It was a quickie trial, though.

In Georgia, to be committed to a state mental hospital a person must be found innocent by reason of insanity. Twelve of us were empaneled, heard no opening statements or closings, saw no witnesses, and were merely given jury instructions and evidence. Obviously there was no conclusion to be had, but that the woman was innocent by reason of insanity. She clearly was, for the record.

I struck up a discussion that the woman was guilty — if only to toy with the DA on the case, who is a good friend. But as it got close to lunch, we diverted back to innocence because she was nuts.

A good time was had by all.

And now I must check in.

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  • Bravo…you did your civic duty! After many years of getting off duty, I did it for the first time last year (criminal trial) and was amazed at how heavy that responsibility actually weighs as you go in to deliberate.