A Nod To James Woods

We all need to take a moment to honor James Woods.

Adherence to liberal orthodoxy by our biggest movie-screen stars is an understood norm. From mega celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio to lesser-known quantities like Constance Wu – they all identify with The Democratic Party as strongly as they do the human race. Finding a conservative actor is more rare than finding a needle in a haystack.

In comes James Woods. With a complete disregard for what his Hollywood colleagues say, the “Nixon” star puts Democrats on blast on a daily hourly basis. His deadly weapon of choice: his Twitter handle. Woods, a lifelong Republican, got his start by trolling the Obama administration online. The practice has since grown and now the famous actor boasts a massive online following.

This is no understatement. Woods’ Twitter account is a non-stop assault on the Democratic Party and political correctness as a whole. The guy has turned chewing out social justice warriors into a full-time job, and I can’t get enough of it.

Not familiar with his work? Follow him right this second. Here are some highlights to bring you up to speed:

This is just your average Tuesday in the social media life of James Woods.

Sure, there are other conservative actors out there – many of them also carry a mad Twitter game. Since converting to the Republican Party in 2013, Rob Schneider has landed some seriously funny zingers. Scott Baio gets pretty close, too. However, Schneider and others just don’t commit the kind of time and energy to trolling liberals like Woods does. Special recognition needs to be given to the star of “Salvador.”

Not surprisingly, his online conservative activism hasn’t come without detractors. A Bernie Sanders supporter in Ohio filed a lawsuit for millions of dollars against Woods for an alleged “Nazi” tweet he sent out during the presidential campaign. A lawyer for the 70-year-old called the lawsuit “patently bogus.”

Woods also received backlash after criticizing a delusional couple for raising their young son to be gender creative (whatever that means). Actor Neil Patrick Harris, incensed at Woods for pointing out the obvious, put him on blast for the tweet. However, the Oscar nominee refused to back down.

Unlike the countless Hollywood movie stars who feed off the public’s attention, the actor who wowed audiences in “True Believer” summed a response to liberal haters on why he’s different – and why we love him.

Thank you, James Woods. You are living proof to Middle America that not every movie star is a Bernie Bro member of the Church of Scientology.


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