Security stand on the stairs of the Saudi Arabian Airlines plane Flight SV872 from Jiddah as it stays at an isolated area at Manila's International Airport in Pasay, south of Manila, Philippines on Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2016. The flight crew of the Saudi Arabian Airlines plane mistakenly pressed a hijack warning button as it approached Manila's airport on Tuesday, causing airport officials to mobilize security forces and isolate the jet after it landed, Philippine officials said. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

A Possible Sign of a Credible Threat of a Terrorist Attack

Suddenly and with little warning, the Department of Homeland Security has banned electronics from carry on baggage from over 12 airlines. Thirteen countries have been affected. They are all in Africa and the Middle East. The ban starts tomorrow and runs for 96 hours.

Cell phones will be allowed, but cameras, laptops, etc. will have to be in checked luggage.

Homeland Security will not comment, but given the sudden nature and insistence it seems they must have a credible threat.

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