A Red State No More: Georgia Republicans Suffer Buyer’s Remorse With Trump

Georgia voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump in the Republican primary on March 1. He won by over 14 points, where Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz split the vote evenly (combined, they had 48 percent of the vote, 10 points more than Trump).

Now a Channel 2 Action News poll shows Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton by just 2 points, within the margin of error, turning Georgia from a solid red state to a battleground “purple” state. I guess Georgia voters are having a crisis of “unity”–or they’re experiencing buyer’s remorse.

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When you look at the African-American vote, Trump gets a mere 6 percent, with Clinton at 90 percent.

“You’re not supposed to say things as an analyst. I laugh out loud when I hear the Trump campaign talk about how well they’re doing among Hispanic and African American voters. Other than Herman Cain, I go ‘Who?’” [Channel 2 Political Analyst Bill] Crane said.

Several voters [Channel 2 political reporter Lori] Geary talked to Monday said they don’t like their choices.

“I don’t trust Donald, I don’t trust Hillary either. Bernie was my horse,” one voter told Geary.

“No one has really swayed me any way yet,” another voter said.

According to the poll, even the Independents, who usually trend Republican in Georgia, are close — tied in the mid-30s for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Trump may have a path to victory, but it’s going to be very narrow, and depend on working-class traditional Democrat-leaning states like Pennsylvania, Maine, and New Hampshire. He also needs, of course, the dreaded Ohio where the governor despises Trump with the heat of a thousand suns.

States like Georgia (and Nevada, Colorado, and Virginia) are no longer safe havens for the GOP. While Trump might win the White House through the annihilation of Clinton by Russian hacktivists and political operatives, the outlook for the down ballot for the GOP is truly awful.

Thanks, Donald. Good show.

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