Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, speaks to members of the media before a campaign event at King's Christian Bookstore in Boone, Iowa, Monday, Jan. 4, 2016. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

A Response to the Non-Cruz Supporting Evangelicals

There is a growing movement of younger evangelicals who are not actively engaged in the cut throat world of political primaries who do not care for Ted Cruz. Many of them are starting to make claims that they would never, ever vote for a guy like Cruz. They’d sit it out and let Hillary Clinton get elected, have her replace Scalia and Thomas with baby killing supporters, then tut-tut that clearly God has a plan.

Politics ain’t bean bag and these young, precious evangelicals are going to have to suck it up. They’re just now starting to get their hands dirty and are being reminded why they don’t like politics, but perhaps also need to realize that yes, politics is blood sport and that is why that older generation they eschew behaved as it did — they wanted to do what it takes to win.

My friend Hunter Baker has a really good must read defending Ted Cruz from all the evangelical handwringing from the Passion and Q crowds. I hope you will go read it.

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