A Side Benefit to Holiday Travel

I fly a whole lot, but I cannot figure out pricing schedules. For example — I could not get a flight to DC this week for less than $1000.00, and then only if I wanted to go up early one day and come back early the next day. But, for next week, I was able to get on Delta on a virtually empty flight for less than $300.00 round trip. It boggles my mind.

Anyway, two fringe benefits of not being able to go up this week — I get to go to Evelyn’s 9 month checkup and I’m going to go up to Atlanta tonight for a “Beer and Bloggers” event with some friends.

Will Collier of Vodka Pundit, Will Hinton of Dignan’s 75 Year Plan (and of Peach Pundit although he doesn’t know it yet), Mary Katherine Ham of Townhall.com, Clayton, and I (Peach Pundit) will be at The Brick Store Pub Twain’s Billard’s and Tap in Decatur tomorrow night (that’s Thursday, June 1) at 7pm.

Feel free to stop by if you want. I won’t be staying late. I’ve got to work on Friday and drive the 1.5 hours back to Macon tonight. But it should be fun.

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