A spike in the price of staples.

This one will hit my household as my wife sets into her holiday routine of preparing copious amounts of candies, cookies, and other treats. Christy turns out amazing stuff from our kitchen in large amounts every Christmas season.

The price of holiday baking staples – like sugar, eggs, milk and cream – have risen noticeably this year, according to local bakers and the American Farm Bureau. The rising price of corn, due to ethanol production, and the fuel used to transport goods have driven up prices as much as 30 percent in some cases.

This year we have my sister to thank for a turtle recipe and we have a large, expensive bag of pecans to throw in the mix. And there is the good news.

“This has been the best pecan crop Georgia’s seen in 15 years,” said John Steedman, owner of the North Georgia Pecan Co. in Athens. “A lot of things just happened exactly right.”

The nuts thrive in relatively dry conditions, and pecan farmers turned out a bumper crop this year. Consequently, their price has dropped from about $7.95 a pound to about $7.25.

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