A Vote for Evan McMullin is a Vote For Character

The race for President is over. It is unfortunate. We will be stuck with Hillary Clinton barring a miracle. Republicans need to focus on saving the House and Senate. But Republican voters also need to send a message to their party that character still counts and is not tied to partisan politics.

The best way to do that is to vote for Evan McMullin. You may have to write him in in your state, but you should.

Republicans have decided that they must stoop to the lows of the left to win. They have decided that they should get in people’s faces and yell. They have decided that they should defend a man accused of sexual assault, going so far as to attack the appearance of the women who have come forward. They have decided that, like the Underminer from The Incredibles, they will be beneath everyone, but nothing and no one will be beneath them.

This is the path of further loss. This is the path of permanent rejection. The voters need to stage an intervention for the GOP.

Writing in Evan McMullin may, if we believe in miracles, throw this race to the House of Representatives and deny both Clinton and Trump victory. But, barring miracle, voting for Evan McMullin sends a powerful signal that character matters in Presidential candidates and character is not partisan.

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