A Vote For Trump is a Vote For Hillary Clinton

We are eighty-four days until the election and we have reached a historic milestone. If the election were held today, based on polling outside the margin of error, Hillary Clinton would get 270 Electoral College votes, capture all the swing states, and become President. She would do this because the Republican nominee is Donald Trump.

At this point, a vote for Donald Trump is a vote for Hillary Clinton. As long as the GOP sticks with Trump, it is helping Hillary Clinton get elected. Donald Trump’s continued existence in the race is nothing more than a shield for Hillary Clinton.

It is time for the GOP to realize that it is going to lose 2016 because Donald Trump is the nominee. It is not the #NeverTrump forces that are losing the race. It is Donald Trump himself. No amount of certain talk heads trying to bully everyone into supporting Trump will get Trump across the finish line. The sad thing is that every sane person has long realized this and all the histrionics now are for show.

But continuing to be loyal to Donald Trump is really just loyalty to Hillary Clinton. Every day a Republican continues to champion Donald Trump is a day Hillary Clinton marches ever closer to the presidency.

The best way for Republicans to save themselves is to abandon ship and focus on down ballot races. Give up on Trump and redirect energy to saving the House and Senate. The longer you pour your energies into Trump, the more likely you are helping the Democrats take back the Senate and possibly the House.

Now is the time to put distance between yourselves and Trump. Those of you who do not will own not just Hillary Clinton’s election, but the Republicans’ loss of the Senate in 2016.

This is on you as much as you may huff, puff, and declare it immoral not to support Trump.

And again, it is worth noting that the now daily histrionics have everything to do with a few people seeing their careers flash before their eyes knowing what’s coming and what they’ve done. They chose ratings over the White House and now will lose both.

Don’t feel bad for the GOP, folks. Reince and company blocked every effort to allow delegates to vote their conscience. They own electing Hillary. They played the role of Trump lackey and, like all the others who’ve coddled him, come away with their integrity in tatters.

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