A Vote For Trump Is The Abandonment Of The Hope For Better

A lot of Christians are arguing that this election is a binary decision between two terrible choices and they have decided Trump is the less bad choice. So they will go with him. But if they are going to do that, they need to do it with both eyes open.

Many of them are consoling themselves that once we move past Trump, we can move on again to better days and better candidates. But that is a lie.

If Christians vote now for a man who revels in sin, they will only embolden men like Trump who previously presumed they could never run for office because of their baggage. If Christians buy the idle promises of Trump, designed purely to buy their votes, they will get more Trumps and worse Trumps, not less.

If Christians do not draw a line in the sand and say we will not vote for a moral degenerate like Trump, there will be no stopping future candidates and future movements of people who need Christians to vote. “You voted for Trump,” they’ll say. “Why not this guy?”

“Because the Supreme Court is at stake,” you will respond.

But the Court will be at stake then too. Everything will be on the line then too. Executive policy, foreign policy, defense of the church, etc. will all be on the line. You’ll be buying the same excuses over and over.

If you vote for Trump as a Christian, you are signaling that you are ready to move on from demands that a moral person stand up to run. Everyone who runs is going to be a sinner. There will never be a perfect candidate. But by choosing to vote for a sinner who revels in his sin, you give up your moral authority to oppose such a man in the future.

You’ve settled now. Trump will be the benchmark for the future.

It is your choice. Trust in the Lord to see you through the next four years or settle for a man who revels in sin. Just know that you’ll get more of the same and worse. You’ll have traded your values for an earthly protector who does not look like your real protector. Instead of drawing closer to your God, you’ll find yourself further away from him.

The people wanted Saul and that is what they got. Don’t want Saul. Don’t settle. Or soon enough you will have King Zedekiah.

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