A Web Site Is Up For The Alleged Trump Rape Victim

Remember, during August of 2004, the “swift boat veterans for truth” skated by under the radar of the mainstream media, which willed itself to ignore them. Only after Brit Hume, on Fox News, gave them credibility did the rest of the media have to consider them. Until that time, only RedState and other conservative blogs and publications considered their claims.

Right now a woman has a pending lawsuit against Donald Trump claiming he raped her. She is purportedly also talking to the district attorney in New York City. The media has thus far ignored her story, but you and I both know that once Donald Trump’s nomination is secure, the media is going to start taking stuff like this seriously.

Remember, according to the press, it is the seriousness of the charge, not its truth, that is important.

If Republicans think they can skate by without the media grabbing hold of this, they are delusional. And they have enough warning to flee from Trump, but I suspect they will not.

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