This photo shows a view of the Gateway Arch, Saturday, Jan. 23, 2016, in St Louis. (AP Photo/Estelle Doro)

A Woman Won a Democratic Primary and the Patriarchy is to Blame

St. Louis, MO is a majority black city in the shadow of Ferguson. It had its Democratic Party primary for mayor and Lyda Krewson, a female member of the city council, won by 888 votes, beating the city’s treasurer, Tishuara Jones. Who is to blame? Black men. That’s right. The patriarchy elected a white woman over a black woman who has been a Black Lives Matter activist.

There were three other black candidates. All of them were male and on the city council. The second place finisher, Jones, is upset, saying, “I’m really disappointed that the ego, patriarchy and sexism won the day yesterday.” If only those men had gotten out of the way, a woman would have won. Except, a woman did win. The problem, you see, is that the woman who won is white.

Democracy, you will remember, is only legitimate if it works to the left’s advantage. If it does not, it has to be patriarchy, racism, or a rigged system to blame.

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