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A Year After Launch: Writers Welcome

The Resurgent is one year old now. It has been an interesting experience. Our revenue, frankly, sucks. The sponsorship model died with opposing Trump. Anyone who sponsored saw an alt-right army go on the attack. That was something. But things rebounded toward the end of the year and people have also been generous.

Traffic has been better than I expected. For a year old site, we grew much faster than expected. That helped when we had to replace the sponsorship model with CPM ads. Media mentions of The Resurgent grew throughout the year and a lot of one time readers became regular visitors.

One of my goals this year is to increase the writing volume. We’ve added some great friends here on the front page and I’ve even been able to set aside a little bit of money so the work isn’t just a freebie anymore. But we could always use more writers. We still have dead periods throughout the day and we’ve found that the more we write, the more traffic comes in.

So, if you are a good conservative who might be interested in writing, let us know. We’re at a bit of a disadvantage here. At RedState, I could use the user diaries and the comments to vet people to make sure they were good writers. We don’t have comments or user diaries here, so I have no way to see someone’s quality. I also am terrible about telling people no.

As a result, if you want to think about writing here, I’m extricating myself from the process. You’ll have to go through Philip, the managing editor around here. Email him with a short bio/resume at [email protected] If you have a website, make sure you include a link, as well as your twitter profile.

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