debate moderators David Muir, left, and Martha Raddatz, of ABC News, speak before a Democratic presidential primary debate Saturday, Dec. 19, 2015, at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, N.H. (AP Photo/Jim Cole)

ABC Humiliates Itself with Shocking Anti-Christian Headline

As if the spectacularly untrusted titans of mainstream media needed to do anything else to damage their credibility amongst ordinary Americans, the geniuses at ABC News decided to up the ante with an outrageous demonstration of imbecilic journalism.

Not content to feed off the sweet nectar of Trump/Russia collusion – the seemingly endless story that had almost bored the country to death until Donald’s son decided to breathe life back into it – ABC decided to try to dredge up a scandal with Attorney General Jeff Sessions. In the course of doing so, they managed to trust the word of a notoriously anti-Christian hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and castigate perhaps the most prestigious Christian litigation firm in the country as a mere “anti-LGBT hate group.” The bubble of self-absorbed idiocy in media is virtually impenetrable these days. Seriously:

“Jeff Sessions addressed ‘anti-LGBT hate group’ at event closed to reporters; the DOJ has yet to reveal what he said.”

An “anti-LGBT hate group?” This is a respected organization of some of the country’s best and brightest attorneys; a group that has won over 50 cases they have argued before the U.S. Supreme Court.

ABC is learning the hard way what happens when you rely on the SPLC to do your research. Remember it was the SPLC that was identified by attempted mass-murderer Floyd Lee Corkins as the group that helped him target and locate the Family Research Council for his attempted shooting spree.

And it was the SPLC that orchestrated the campus riot at Middlebury College that led to an assault on a professor, canceled speaking event, and an attack on the invited speaker’s vehicle. The FBI was so alarmed at the SPLC’s irresponsible bigotry towards organizations and individuals that hold to Christian orthodoxy or conservative political views that they dropped the group as a resource for investigating hate crimes.

That only makes sense given that despite their marketing scams, the SPLC is actually an elaborately wealthy interest group that unjustifiably enjoys tax-exempt status. Their founding leader, Morris S. Dees, lives an extravagant lifestyle with his now-fifth wife. Despite its name, the SPLC does a paltry amount of actual litigation on behalf of the poor and underprivileged. Instead, they fundraise.

Oh, and apparently they still counsel and inform the suits at ABC about who is a hater and who isn’t. And somehow the media is astounded that fewer people trust them than the White House or Congress.

Self-awareness, quite apparently, isn’t the media’s strong suit.

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