Matthew Dowd, chief campaign strategist for the Bush-Cheney 2004 presidential campaign, speaks at the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service in Little Rock, Ark., Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2009. (AP Photo/Danny Johnston)

ABC News Employees Keep Attacking Christians. This Time It’s Their Chief Political Analyst.

Coming on the heels of ABC News referring to the Alliance Defending Freedom as an “anti-gay hate group” when it is, in fact, a volunteer organization of Christian lawyers, ABC News’s chief political analyst, Matthew Dowd, is attacking Christianity.

Dowd, you will recall, previously declared himself a Christian then said Jesus was not the only path to the divine. He also claimed both that Jesus did not come to establish a religion and that “some of the most Christian folks I know are atheists.”

Now Dowd is after Bible believing Christians, who he refers to as “fundamentalist radical Christian[s].” According to Dowd

There have been no documented cases of “fundamentalist radical Christians” beheading people. Nor have there been any who have strapped bombs to themselves and blown up busses or flown planes into tall buildings.

But look at the other side. Dowd is also attacking Muslims calling a fundamentalist Muslim “misguided.” In other words, according to Dowd someone taking the Bible seriously and literally and also someone taking the Koran seriously and literally is misguided.

How much more insulting can ABC News’s Chief Political Analyst be? I’m sure we will find out as he seeks to defend himself.

But the biggest take away is that ABC News can allow Dowd to attack Christians and Dowd can do so with impunity because of how very different Christianity is from Islam.

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