ABC’s New Gay Rights Miniseries Paints An Unrealistic Picture of Who We Are

We are living in a desperately twisted culture.

The push to make alternative lifestyles the “norm” and shade in everybody else as “oppressors” will be invading your TV screens, thanks to ABC’s upcoming miniseries, “When We Rise.”

The creator of the show, Dustin Lance Black, won an Oscar for the 2010 movie, Milk, starring Sean Penn.

He’s gay, so everything he does is homo-centric. That, in turn, means that it is all-out war against anyone not an active part of the lifestyle, or at least, a vocal advocate.

A piece from HeatStreet offers this:

Gavin McInnes, co-founder of Vice Media and the host of The Gavin McInnes Show. called When We Rise a “dumb, leftist dystopian fantasy” saying about one particular scene in the trailer featuring Whoopi Goldberg: “This is a teacher telling her students the fact that being gay, black and trans in America is now illegal and everyone’s getting beat up for those things means the youth have to fight.

“That would be true if that was a scenario that was even fathomable in America…the only place that isn’t going on is the west!”

McInnes makes a very valid point.

These noble warriors of the fringe rarely take on actual oppressive regimes, where the rights of homosexuals aren’t just hobbled, but they live under the constant threat of death.

Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia… When do they get to have their great freedom movement?

Black even went so far as to bring up a now popular term for (alleged) conservative monsters: alt-right, saying that the show was under attack by them online.

Everyone who has a problem with cultural indoctrination into alternative lifestyles and expresses their thoughts cannot be definitively labeled “alt-right,” but I guess that’s a convenient term – if you don’t understand what it actually means.

ABC Entertainment chief Channing Dungey recently told the Hollywood Reporter: “We’ve always been a network that has prided itself on keeping diversity and inclusion at the forefront of our conversations.

“But we’ve largely been defining that from a racial perspective, a religious perspective, an ethnic perspective, and looking at it from the point of view of issues of gender and sexuality and not as much through the prism of economics and of cities versus small towns.”

There have been genuine instances of oppression in America, that need to be disinfected by the light of truth.

Have we conquered all of our demons?

We have not, because humanity, as a race, is steeped in imperfection.
We have an amazing, free, forgiving society, however.

You will find more who are willing to listen and attempt to understand, when approached with civility, than who have fighting to oppress all “other.”

The problem is, those with an agenda to push rarely are willing to take into consideration the thoughts and beliefs that don’t mirror their own.

This was never about equality. It has always been about indoctrination.

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