Abortion Barbie is Back, Promising Big Things

For those concerned that American political culture would have to find some way to survive without the insights and intuitions of failed Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, take heart. Yes, “Abortion Barbie,” as she was dubbed after her ferocious and unapologetic crusade for less restrictions on child killing, is back and going national with that precious brand of crazy that endeared her so closely to the heart of Texas that she lost her election by over 20 points.

Speaking to Vox, she explained that women like her have just been too gosh darn sweet for way too long:

“The Women’s March was just the most extraordinary thing I’ve ever seen, and it was a display of this kind of pent-up ‘good girl’ behavior that we’ve all been up to for a long time, where we’ve struggled to go along and get along. I think some of us have suffered from the idea that if we navigate our way more subtly through the challenges we face as women, that that will somehow serve our ultimate goal.”

Yep, because when normal people think Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer, Cecile Richards, Samantha Bee, Chelsea Handler, Elizabeth Warren, Jill Filipovic, Ashley Judd, and Gloria Steinem, the first words that come to mind are, “subtle good girl.”

But no more. No, after the donning of sock caps made to look like lady parts, Davis says things are about to get real:

“When Hillary Clinton lost that election, and not only that she did not succeed — or that we did not succeed in electing her — but the fact that it happened in such a misogynistic climate against a candidate who had exhibited tremendous sexism and misogyny, I think, was like a big cold splash of water in all of our faces that we decided, ‘No more being nice.'”

If you can, leave aside the phony hand-wringing over misogyny coming from vocal supporters and defenders of the Clintons. Trump may be boorish, but no one has ever done more to damage the reputation and character of subordinate women than Bill Clinton. He single-handedly set the feminist movement back a decade with his National Organization of Women-endorsed misogyny. Leftist activists like Davis remain more than content to play “nice” with him while pretending to be shocked and chagrined by the coarseness of Donald Trump.

This means, of course, that this movement Abortion Barbie references is not one of, by, or for femininity or female empowerment. It’s about a left-wing political agenda repackaged to look like something new and different. Only a fool will buy it.

Davis finished this portion of her comments by promising big things on the horizon for the women’s revolution:

“And, while we did not break that glass ceiling — that ultimate one— we took a big leap forward in moving the gender equality conversation in a powerful way, and I think we’re going to sustain it.”

Speaking of “gender equality,” has no one bothered to tell Abortion Barbie that her comments seem aggressively gender binary? After all, if there truly are nearly 60 different genders to choose from, then there would seem to be at minimum 49 different glass ceilings needing to be shattered.

Then again, maybe it’s best to not overcomplicate things for Wendy. She’s on a roll.

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