Blood stains and a make shift memorial for 18-year-old Jamal Jones is seen where police found him with gunshots wounds to the shoulder and chest over the past weekend, on Chicago's Southside, Monday, June 17, 2013. Chicago Police are investigating several shootings after a violent weekend that left at least seven people dead, including Jones, and more than three dozen wounded. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

About That Trump Tweet and Chicago

The picture above is from a spontaneous memorial set up at the spot where an eighteen-year old’s body was found on the south side of Chicago. His body covered in bullet holes, Jamal Jones collapsed there in 2013. Since then there have been hundreds and hundreds of other young men killed in the same area.

It is refreshing to finally have a President who recognizes the blood bath and carnage in Chicago. It never gets mentioned on the nightly news because it is routine, there are race elements the press would rather not delve into, etc. But it is devastating and taking lives on a daily basis. It is a war zone of sorts and has placed certain parts of a major American city off limits to most people. Having the President of the United States call attention to it is appropriate.

At the same time, had Barack Obama said something similar, there would be a right-wing freakout. The federal government has no business in state affairs or general law enforcement. The federal government is the government of limited powers, and the President has a limited roll. Sending in the feds is not within the power of the President for something like this under the constitution.

Right now, the left is freaking out about all the precedents Barack Obama set that they gladly cheered on then and are now freaked out that Donald Trump has. They did nothing and said nothing to raise concerns about Barack Obama’s expansion of the Presidency and his use of pens and paper without constitutional authority. Some of his precedents will eventually be shut down by courts, but others will live on. Because Obama did things, Trump can do those things.

Republicans should be wary of Trump creating any precedent here. If he were to send the feds into Chicago, a future liberal Democrat sitting in the White House could do the same. Do not champion the precedent of your President that you would not want another President to use.

You and I both know you would be outraged if Barack Obama said something like this.

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