About That Voter Fraud…

It really is pretty amazing.  In the less than one week since taking over, the Trump administration has managed to get the mainstream media to set their hair on fire after almost every single White House press briefing.  After shocking reporters by not following the tradition of first calling on the AP, Trump got reporters to chase their tails for days fact checking the “issue” of whether or not his inauguration had the biggest viewership in history.  It’s as if Donald Trump is a bright, shiny object and the media can’t help but take off after him.

In that, he kind of reminds me of that SNL bit where Phil Hartman plays Ronald Reagan as a harmless dolt in public, while behind the scenes he’s a genius puppet master pulling everybody’s strings.  Whatever bait he wants to throw out, Trump knows the media is gonna take it.

Which brings us to this business about voter fraud.  Trump is now claiming that illegally cast votes may well be what gave Hillary Clinton her popular vote margin.  Of course, given that we’re talking about somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 million votes, the chance of this being true is highly unlikely.  But instead of just laughing Trump off, what do the media do?  They cry, “Scandal!” and let slip the dogs of bore.

Would that they have been so frisky when Barack Obama told everyone if they liked their insurance plan, they could keep it.

As you’d expect, this has led to a slew of experts unleashed on the cable talk shows to discuss how outrageous Trump’s claim really is–and guess what?  People are now talking about voter fraud!  An issue that the left claimed isn’t a big deal is now front and center.  Even better, it’s led the Trump administration to say it just might launch an investigation!  If that happens, my guess is that what James O’Keefe found in those Project Vertitas videos will only be the tip of the iceberg.

Thanks, media!

Of course, the media still think that they have the dope here, as they’ve discovered that Trump’s Two Steves (Mnuchin, who’s been nominated to head up the Treasury Department, and Bannon, the White House chief strategist) are both registered to vote in two states.  But as even the linked article states, that ain’t illegal (and isn’t even unusual for people who live and work in different states)–and in the absence of proof that either actually voted in two states, the story amounts to a nothingburger with fries, ketchup on the side.  Better luck next time, guys.

In the meanwhile, though, Trump keeps on a-signin’ those executive orders, chipping away at Obama’s legacy one glorious brick at a time, all while the media wait for the next outrageous thing to pop out of his Twitter feed.

If this keeps up, it’s going to be a very entertaining four years.

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