Acclaimed Actor Schools Has-Been Comic Over Alexandria Shooting

After the horrific shooting in Alexandra, VA in which socialist lunatic James Hodgkinson targeted GOP lawmakers, opinions abounded. Naturally, gun control advocates began to parrot their talking points, while notable people on both sides of the political aisle offered prayers for the victims, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA).

As we began to learn more about Hodgkinson, his motives became clear. Reporter Mike Cernovich tweeted what became the obvious conclusion about the shooter.

That explanation wasn’t good enough for washed up comedian Tom Arnold. Arnold, best known for being Roseanne Barr’s second husband (what a claim to fame), decided to weigh in with his own uninformed – and threatening – take on the shooting:

Classy, huh? Well, leave it to acclaimed actor James Woods to call Arnold out. We’re not talking famous marriage, bad comic cameos, or reality show fame here: Woods has two Emmys and two Oscar nominations to his credit, along with a bevy of critical acclaim.

Woods put Arnold’s tweet in perspective in the most succinct way:

The Daily Wire called the exchange “the intellectual ant getting stomped by the grizzly bear.”

Thank you, James Woods, for setting Tom Arnold straight.

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