According to ABC’s Matthew Dowd, Christians Are Worth Feeding to the Lions

If you are looking for a senior media personality who claims to be a Christian, but hates Christianity with more fervor than the ancient Roman emperors, you need look no further than ABC News’ chief political analyst Matthew Dowd.

This man has tweeted some of the most asinine and false takedowns of Christianity ever recorded on social media by anyone who lives outside their mother’s basement (here, here, here and here).

You’d think someone who flaunts being a Catholic would have more respect for others in fellowship with Christ, but either Dowd lacks enough working brain cells to make the connection (which is doubtful), or he’s a liberal who believes that one is born into a religion but needn’t make any personal commitment of faith. Because Dowd hates people of faith.

In Dowd’s mind, anything anyone does, no matter how perverted or tainted by self-interest and ambition, or anything a Muslim does in the name of Allah, is better than anything a Christian does in the name of conscience or in service to Christ.

In fact, Christians might be forgiven for believing that Dowd would be just fine with Roman Emperor Domitan throwing them to the lions. As proof, here’s Dowd’s reaction to learning that the Academy board of governors expelled predator and pig Harvey Weinstein.

Answer: nobody, for two reasons. 1) it’s nearly impossible to have a lower sense of moral values than Hollywood, which is guided solely by money and fame; and 2) though there are hypocrites and faithless individuals at the Value Voters Summit, Christ is also well represented there–the Family Research Council is a worthy organization.

As for Hollywood: It only took like 70 years for the Academy to finally do something the least bit “moral,” and they only did it because the victims were famous people like themselves. They still haven’t touched 2002 Oscar recipient fugitive Roman Polanski, who fled the country after pleading guilty to raping a 13-year-old girl. (Pro-tip for journalists: after the “accused rapist” pleads guilty, he becomes a “convicted rapist.”)

It’s almost not fair to write these up anymore, because everyone knows how Dowd will react to any particular situation. It’s either the fault of Christians, or it’s better than what Christians would have done, or what Christians are doing. It’s what we humble bloggers call “low hanging fruit.”

Yet I have to write it up, because once again, liberals who would be perfectly happy to have Christians fed to the lions will continue to spew this kind of idiotic venom until people wake up and stop listening.

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