ACLU: The White Supremacy Runs Very Deep, They Have No Idea

The ACLU’s national office tweeted this image, thus proving America is a white supremacist nation.

I am sure, dear reader, you can predict where the backlash went. Just read the thread that began here:

And here the ACLU realized their state of non-wokedness.

But it goes much, much deeper than that. Oh the rabbit hole has barely begun.

I wanted to know where ACLU got their racist image…did they lift it from an archived copy of Daily Stormer, or retweet it from the bowels of 8Chan where neo-Nazis share childhood photos of Hitler and illegal downloads of “The Boys From Brazil“?

So I used Google’s reverse image search, and it returned the word “Child” and these images:

All lily-white. Many of them Aryan, in fact. Definitely a bunch of white supremacists. For comparison, I then took a picture of an adorable little girl (below) and ran the same search.

Google returned “cute little black girl.”


Okay, I thought, maybe Google’s search results were skewed since I found the image of the adorable little black girl on Google. That and the little girl didn’t have a flag. So I went to Bing, and found this delightful little boy holding a flag. And yes, he’s African American, just light-skinned, like Barack Obama.

 Google results: “American children.”

Finally, I got a racially-mixed group, but no flags. And actually, it appears the kid with the green shirt showed up–what, four or five times? Or maybe he’s got a lot of kids who look just like him.

You know, racist Google, they’ve programmed their search algorithm with the white supremacist belief “they all look alike.” Because Google itself is no paragon of diversity. Mostly boys, and the same black kid used over and over, just like Google’s own efforts to paper over its devotion to the Aryan master race and the patriarchy.

At the ACLU, the white supremacy is so deeply ingrained that despite the organization’s disavowal of fair-haired, light-skinned people who want “free speech,” they themselves chose an image of a fair-haired, light-skinned Aryan as “the future that ACLU members want.”

It’s a dog-whistle for Richard Spencer and his tiki brigade. It’s a wink and a nod to the KKK. I think the ACLU should denounce itself much more harshly than Kermit the Frog…wait a second, do you know who else is a frog?

And there it is, ladies and gentlemen. With unassailable logic and bulletproof evidence, we now see how the ACLU and Google are racist pigs and Nazi sympathizers, secretly helping the “alt-right” while pretending to side with the “alt-left.”

Or perhaps, everyone should just calm down and realize that kids and muppets don’t really care about stuff that race-obsessed, sphincter-clenched adults who won’t put their smartphones down to play with their own kids so they can rant on Twitter become apoplectic about.


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