Actual Riots In Sweden: Did Trump Cause This Or Was He Prescient?

What do we make of this? Monday night, riots broke out in a Stockholm suburb after officers arrested an immigrant on drug charges.

Fox News reports:

The violence in Rinkeby began around 8 p.m., when officers arrested a suspect at an underground station on drug charges, The Local reported. A group soon gathered, hurling rocks and other objects at officers and prompting one cop to fire his gun “in a situation that demanded he use his firearm,” police spokesman Lars Bystrom said.

On Saturday, President Trump was widely ridiculed for mentioning Sweden as a hotbed of immigrant violence.




Perhaps Trump read his intelligence briefing and knew something we don’t know. Maybe he misspoke; maybe he’s prophetic.


Now the tables have definitely turned. But we don’t know if the immigrants felt that Trump’s remarks somehow gave them permission to riot, or if this was a boiling pot ready to boil over and Trump was simply a few days early.

Frankly, is it wrong to ask the question if the President of the United States refers to immigrant violence in a country with an immigrant problem, then two three days later there’s violence in that country, did the statement have something to do with it? The question practically begs itself.

We’ll just have to keep an eye out every time Trump says something like that. But now that there’s a precedent, it’s more likely it will. Maybe the president can try something new, like filtering his words?

I know I’ll hear from the Trump-can-do-no-wrong crowd on that one. They already think their man is a God-King. This just proves it more in their eyes.

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