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  • i like some of his work, but love the hard way is tooo bad!
    don’t care if it is an independant film or not, he should come more often to europe to make independant movies!
    but i love him in the pianist.
    he looks like an integer man, but seems to be somethin else.is he the typical hollywood star?

  • Who cares what he does!! Would you want people discussing your every move? Its like if you decide to go to the grocery store on monday or wait until wednesday why should people care. Its his choice what he does with his everyday life and its his choice what he wants to be doing in terms of his career. Whatever he does will only promote him and his acting career so whats all the fuss about . If he doesnt think it below him to be in a Diet Coke commercial , why should anyone else!! He is a great and diverse actor who can really do no harm in the acting choices he makes. This is just my opinion. No offense was intended. Sincerely, Skye

  • I love him but few months ago I find out that he was making races with other known people in a highway of Spain putting in risk other people….
    I never spect this from him

  • I love Adrian Brody. I also like how he does so many independent films more than main stream ones. I do think that he should be concidered for more roles since he has such a fantastic on changing personality! Ilove Him!!!

  • I loved him in the diet coke commercail!!! but it is a step down from winning an oscar i must admit.