Republican gubernatorial candidates, Corey Stewart, gestures as he participates in a Tea Party debate at Goochland High School in Goochland, Va., Saturday, April 22, 2017. The three face off in a primary on June 13. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)'

After Charlottesville, Conservatives Must Reject Fake Southerner Corey Stewart

Politicians usually sound the most off-key when they are trying to pretend to be something they are not. Remember Donald Trump trying to talk abortion policy with Chris Matthews? Or the classic of the genre – “severely conservative” Mitt Romney.

Well in the wake of the horrific violence at Charlottesville, Virginia Republican’s self-appointed monument defender Corey Stewart is making the same blunder – but his is enabling KKK members and ruining the hopes of having a conservative replace Hillary’s VP Tim Kaine in the U.S. Senate in the process.

You see here is the thing about Corey, he doesn’t know what real Southerners who have respect for Confederate monuments actually believe, because he isn’t one of them.

Corey is from Minnesota and went to Georgetown University. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but these places aren’t exactly a bastion of the Confederacy.

But I’m not certain that he is a disingenuous defender of these monuments just because he’s a Yankee, I’m sure because I saw this video from just last year where Corey says so himself.

Here is Corey speaking at an event to rename a school that was previously named after Mills Godwin, a two-time governor of Virginia because he opposed the desegregation of schools in the state and never apologized. At this event Corey said that renaming this school was “a long, long time in coming” because “we live in perhaps the most progressive, futuristic county in the United States of America.”

This speech cheered renaming a school because it was named after someone who opposed equal rights for blacks and changing the name to honor a community leader, George Hampton, was just 14 months ago!

Over the course of the last few months his lack of understanding of the issue has been on full display, resulting in him defending a monument that was literally erected to support white supremacy after the Civil War was over – the LIberty Monument in New Orleans, as I have covered before.

He then went on CNN last week where he praised the “normal people” who were protesting with the white supremacists.

His Twitter feed reads like a racist Foghorn Leghorn.

All of this comes one year after bragging about how “progressive” it was to start renaming things that had been named after racists.

This guy is a fraud who has been one of the leading voices encouraging the white supremacists and in doing so he’s preying on people who have legitimate concerns about liberal mission creep.

As I said on Fox last week, there is no place for these white supremacists or their enablers. They are undermining our fight against the social justice left, not helping it.

In a race as high profile as the one against Tim Kaine, the Republicans need another option besides this clown. If he is the nominee it will only be more evidence of the party’s fall.

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