After Decades of Not Caring About The Constitution, The Left Goes Originalist

Hollywood actors want you to know the founders of our country, whom they normally believe are racist, slave owner, irrelevant figures of a bygone era, had a vision for the country and Electoral College. That vision, racist last week, this week should be honored.

Suddenly the left is originalist.

They are even quoting the Federalist Papers.

People, please.

The Democrats believe the constitution is a living and breathing document, or they did until this week. Now they think the constitution had an original purpose and since it has not been amended to do away with it, that purpose must be honored. Namely, the electors of the several states should decide who is President, damn the will of the people.

I actually agree with them. The problem is not that they are wrong, but that they do not believe this, have never believed this, and are only saying it right now because it is their only option.

Being an originalist of convenience is not being an originalist. It’s being shameless and opportunistic.

The people who decided Anthony Kennedy’s whims could overturn a multi-thousand year old institution despite democratic processes demanding otherwise do not now get to claim loyalty to the constitution.

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