After new sexting scandal, Trump demands Clinton return Anthony Weiner’s money

Last night, Donald Trump released a statement demanding that Hillary Clinton return money donated by disgraced former Representative Anthony Weiner. Weiner, who resigned from Congress after a sexting scandal and is separating from his wife after more sexting scandals arose, is now being investigated for exchanging lewd texts with a high school sophomore.

Reporters are already noting that Trump’s call has the air of hypocrisy to it, given that his donations to Weiner totaled nine times the amount the former Rep. gave to Clinton:

But is it hypocritical? Trump’s donations came before Weiner was busted for cheating on his wife, and long before the newest (possibly illegal) sexting scandal. I’m not sure they’re comparable.

Reporters would probably be better off noting that Trump donated oodles of money to the Clintons and their Foundation, even after Bill was credibly accused of sexual assault, and impeached for perjury. Of course, that would bring Bill’s abuse and Hillary’s enabling into the limelight, and nobody wants that…

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