Against Failure Theater

Senator Mitch McConnell claims he believes the Senate should not support any replacement for Justice Scalia offered up by President Obama.

I agree. But I am also aware that on repeated occasions, Senator McConnell has engaged in Failure Theater whereby he intentionally stacks the deck against the GOP, thereby ensuring they fail.

Blocking passage of the Export-Import Bank was just the latest in a long litany of events wherein McConnell claimed the event would never happen on his watch, only to claim an “aw shucks” moment when the event happened.

The nation rejected President Obama’s view of America in 2014 and handed the GOP the Senate. The nation should be allowed to affirm or reject the direction of 2014 in the 2016 election before upsetting the balance of the United States Supreme Court.

Take action with the form below. You can email, tweet, and Facebook message your Senator to tell him/her to oppose any of President Obama’s nominees to replace Justice Scalia.

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