Ah, 911

Tuesday night I was headed home from the race relations discussion. It looked to me like there were kids standing on the Walnut Street Bridge over I-75 before I came under it. I couldn’t tell for sure. Though there were street lights, it was still nighttime. But it looked like two kids facing out looking south down the interstate.

As I was going under the bridge BAM! BAM! two rocks hit my car. They were really loud. My first reaction was that the Beemer in front of me had kicked them up until I noticed the car behind me swerve side to side and slam on the brakes.

I figured kids must be throwing rocks off the Walnut Street bridge. So I called 911.

I told the operator what had happened and where. But then she proceeded to correct me that it was the Second Street Bridge that went over I-75. I told her I was pretty sure it was Walnut and again she said no, it was Second Street.

I told her I thought it was Walnut because it runs parallel to Riverside, but in any event kids were throwing rocks off the bridge. She said she’d look it up and let someone know.


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