Ahead of Ben Shapiro Speech, Protesters at UC-Berkeley Lash Out Against Free Speech

Ben Shapiro is giving a speech tonight on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley – oddly enough, considered to be the birthing ground of the free speech movement of the 60s.

My, what a difference a few generations makes.

Recent history has shown that UC-Berkeley has come full circle, and rather than embrace their history of free thought and open expression, they’ve become a den of fascist oppressors, lashing out at any hint of opinion that varies from their own.

In fact, diversity of thought is so desperately reviled among the rats in the nest known as Berkeley, that violence and destruction have become their preferred method of resisting what they fear.

Yeah, guys. You’re not the “tolerant” ones.

Conservative speakers have routinely seen their events shut down, or even blocked, simply because of the violence the anti-free speech forces that infest the campus bring.

Ahead of Shapiro’s appearance, the preparations have reached absurd heights.

Six buildings are being shut down. Concrete barriers, along with police officers are forming a perimeter around the building that will host the event.

Most ridiculous of all is the counseling that is being offered to the frothing rage beasts that feel “threatened” by the thought of a conservative voice on campus.

Such gentle souls are those who would burn down the world, rather than risk having someone in the near vicinity that might differ from their worldview, that they took out their chalk and posted their outrage in maniacal scribblings around the campus.

From the Washington Examiner:

According to Amy Lutz, program officer at Young America’s Foundation, which is the national organization sponsoring and organizing Shapiro’s campus lecture, chalk-wielding anti-Shapiro activists left some choice messages about the event on a campus walkway. Images posted to Twitter by Lutz on Thursday show the chalkings included such thoughtful messages as “‘Free Speech’ Kills,” “F**k The Police,” and “F**k Ben Shapiro.”

Oddly enough, Ben Shapiro has never advocated violence, nor threatened the lives of anyone, that I’m aware of.

He’s never led a group of black-clad marauders to break windows, burn cars, or attack counter-protesters.

So why is his appearance causing such an uproar?

I can only say this: The pepper spray, concrete barriers, and increased security on campus is not because of Ben Shapiro or the YAF.

All that is for the crowd that needs counseling for their fear of free speech.

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