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AirBNB Set for Inauguration Record Despite Special Snowflakes

Prior to Donald Trump’s upset at the ballot box, large numbers of Clinton supporters had already begun making reservations for their celebratory inauguration weekend. In the month since the largely unexpected election result, record numbers of reservations have been cancelled but they’ve been outpaced by new need for lodging.

Cancelling reservations isn’t cheap. In most cases, the fee is 50% and in some cases that has cost as high as $2000! Apparently these folks REALLY don’t want to be near Trump supporters.

The cancellations aren’t just from visitors. Many AirBnB hosts have pulled their listings out of fear of having Trump supporters under their roof:

But some individuals who had planned to post their D.C. area homes on Airbnb said they are feeling conflicted about renting to or sharing their place with people who voted for Trump.

“I have a visceral reaction to the thought of having a Trump supporter in my house,” said Lobna, who had planned to rent out a room in the apartment she shares with two roommates. All three of them are Clinton supporters.

“No amount of money could make me change my mind,” she said. “It’s about moral principles.”

All of the bluster may be distracting but the bottom line is that AirBnB hosts are going to make bank over inauguration weekend! A recently released internal report from AirBnb shows that they expect more than 10,000 guests for the inauguration, 10 times the 2013 number.

Those reservation numbers will mean more than $3.5 Million in revenue for hosts in the DC area!

While 94% of DC voters, it seems that the powers of the free-market outweigh their desire for a trump-supporter-free safe space. Maybe the interaction of these groups will help thaw some tensions and break down misconceptions as administrations change.

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