Alicia Keys Foolishly Celebrates Islamic Oppression

The promotion and celebration of the grandeur and magnificence of Muslim culture has always been one of the most bizarre and inexplicable behaviors in Hollywood and the entertainment community.

Maybe inexplicable isn’t the right word. I can explain it. Leftists worship at the altar of faux-diversity, pretending that anyone that isn’t a WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) is a victim that needs to be exalted. What’s incredibly stupid about that is the fact that some of these non-WASP groups represent clear and present threats to the safety and security of other non-WASP groups.

As an example, how about this shocking and appalling video of a man accused of homosexuality being punished for his sexual preference by being hurled off a building and pelted with rocks in Iraq?

While American entertainers love to pretend that they are fighting injustice against LGBT persons by organizing boycotts of states like North Carolina that require men to use men’s restrooms, they are simultaneously silent about the abject persecution of LGBT individuals carried out under Muslim Sharia law.

What’s more, this type of Muslim cultural contempt is not confined to just LGBT behavior. Entertainment types don’t seem to understand that under the sharia that they celebrate as diverse and beautiful, they would be the first to go.

Though she has since deleted the tweet for the inane stupidity it revealed, singer Alicia Keys became the most recent star to demonstrate her cluelessness about the real world. She actually donned a Muslim niqab (a veil that covers the face in addition to the hijab that covers the head and neck) and posted it on social media along with a form-fitting dress with exposed leg to show how sexy Muslim culture can be. Included in the post was the characteristic tribute to diversity:

Our strength is in our difference
Our power is in our diversity
We are so beautifulAll of us
When we see each other
We see ourselves…

First of all, the poetic verse is a word salad with an extra mound of nonsense on the side. I would love to see Ms. Keys actually try to explain what “our power is in our diversity” even means. But besides that, in an attempt to be relevant, Keys actually demonstrated contempt towards many Muslim women who suffer under the niqab. They don’t choose it – it is forced upon them by a truly oppressive and patriarchal culture.

This isn’t the modern American third-wave feminist conception of patriarchy that includes such horrors as men opening car doors for women. No, it’s one that sees women as objects to be obtained and contained. Yet while the American glitterati condemn the first, they celebrate the second. Abject fools.

Shireen Qudosi is an American Muslim woman who gets it:

“America is built on diversity, but not all ideas are equal and deserve sanctuary – especially those that don’t mirror American values. The niqab has no place in American society. It should never be entertained let alone glorified.”

She’s exactly right. I don’t know if Quodosi can sing like Alicia Keys, but she absolutely is a better spokeswoman for the actual values and ideals necessary to save America than any of the Hollywood and entertainment jesters that far too often have a platform to spout their stupidity.

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