FILE -In this file photo combo, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, left, and FBI Director James. Comey. (AP Photo/File)

All Criminals Blame The Prosecutor, So Clinton Blamed Comey

“It’s the prosecutor’s fault.” “It wasn’t a fair trial.” “I’m gonna get out real soon, I’ll win on appeal.” These are the excuses of convicts. They’re also fairly close to the excuses Hillary Clinton gave her donors during a Saturday conference call.

She said the FBI development was too much to “overcome,” the donor on the call told CNN, but she acknowledged there were other headwinds facing her campaign that they didn’t adequately combat.

This excuse fooled exactly nobody. A person caught in wrongdoing shouldn’t blame their failure to win over public opinion as “overcoming” the FBI. Even Democrats knew this was just blame-shifting.

“If there had been no private server in the first place there would not have been an FBI investigation,” Jim Manley, a longtime Democratic strategist, wrote in a Twitter message on Saturday.

Clinton should feel lucky that she doesn’t have to “overcome” a public trial and conviction for misusing classified information. She should feel positively jubilant that President-elect Trump thinks the Clintons are “good people” and doesn’t “want to hurt them” by getting a special prosecutor.

I’m not even certain Trump would need a special prosecutor. If he appointed Trey Gowdy as Attorney General, I think we can be fairly certain there would be a grand jury, an indictment, and a trial. A pardon by President Obama may be the only thing that can save Clinton.

The election was lost by Clinton because she’s a nasty woman running against her own conduct, on an extreme anto-Christian social and anti-capitalist economic platform crafted by extreme liberals who have taken over the Democratic Party. She lost because she couldn’t offer anyone a single reason to vote for her, only against Trump.

Clinton shouldn’t blame FBI Director Comey. She couldn’t “overcome” herself.

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