All is Not Lost: Impressive Teen Responds to Teen Vogue Abortion Celebration Article

Several weeks ago, I brought you the story of Teen Vogue magazine featuring an article that glorified abortion by highlighting trendy, funky little “gifts” to help celebrate your friend’s abortion.

One truly horrible aspect of the article is the knowledge that Teen Vogue is marketed to girls as young as 13-years old. The attempts to normalize abortion to such a young age group should be enough to cause gut-churning disgust in any decent human being.

I know from my own experiences that thirteen is a tough age for young women. You’re not a little girl, but you’re far from a grown woman, and you are most definitely not ready to take on the very adult emotions of a sexual relationship, or to handle the aftermath, should a pregnancy occur.

Teenagers want to be liked. They want to be popular. Peer pressure holds more sway than even the voice of their families, in most cases.

Did the writer of the abortion article in Teen Vogue know this, before taking to a teen forum to glorify and romanticize abortion as a glorious coming of age, “girl power” event?

She absolutely did.

With that in mind, you can imagine how relieved I was to hear from Autumn, a 16-year old member of Students for Life.

Autumn posted a video response to the article that was nothing short of AMAZING!


“Since I’m a teen, this is directed toward me and I would like to respond,” Autumn said.

“The point of the (Teen Vogue magazine) article is to make the situation as light-hearted and nonchalant as possible, in order to convince girls my age that abortion is no big deal,” Autumn explained.

She said that saying abortion is not a big deal is “simply feeding us a lie.”

“Abortion is a big deal. Abortion is scary,” she said. “No one skips into that room as if they’re having their hair highlighted or their nails painted.”

OH, preach, little sister!

Autumn critiqued the article’s whole idea as misguided. “None of these gifts would make me feel better, and if they did make me feel better, that would mean I need serious counseling,” she said.

As a Christian counselor, I’m going to second that statement.

She went on to call the article “disgusting” and “disrespectful.” She is, of course, absolutely correct.

The Teen Vogue article suggests renting “a fun movie” for adolescent girls after they’ve undergone an abortion. “How offensive to think a comedy would be a good antidote to the pain your friend might be feeling,” Autumn commented.

The article lists another post abortion gift: “underwear you can rock after your abortion.” Referring to a specific brand of panties designed for menstrual periods, the Teen Vogue article reads, “These revolutionary panties allow you to free bleed like our foremothers wish they could. Technically, they’re made for your period, but that’s no reason not to rock ’em for your post-abortion woes. Especially because there will be blood.”

“This is so deplorable,” Autumn assessed. “The language and flippant tone is appalling. … (Abortion) is traumatizing, and cool underwear will not make it all better.”

“Abortion seems to be the opposite of girl power,” Autumn opined. “It is the most invasive and degrading thing that could happen to a girl.”

Furthermore, Autumn noted, “More than half the aborted babies are girls. What about their rights? When will they have ‘power’?” she asked.

“This is a human rights issue, not a ‘girl power’ movement,” the pro-lifer concluded.

Another gift suggestion from Teen Vogue is to buy the post-abortive teen an “F-Uterus Pin.” “Some of the proceeds go to Planned Parenthood,” Autumn pointed out. “I think the motive here is to support Planned Parenthood, rather than being there for your friend.”

Hammer, meet nail.

I’m pretty sure that’s the exact motive, as the talk out of Washington regarding defunding Planned Parenthood is causing many liberals to go into full panic mode.

Abortion is the sacred cow they do not want to burn.

Young Miss Autumn closes out her exceptionally well-done video with this:

“What I want to tell girls who’ve had abortions (is that) there are organizations out there that will help them where they’re at,” Autumn said. “There are places that will provide counseling, such as Rachel’s Vineyard, a safe place to renew, rebuild, and redeem hearts broken by abortion.”

“The national hotline for abortion recovery is 866-482-LIFE,” Autumn stressed, “and for local pregnancy resource centers in your area, visit and enter your zip code.”

“If you know someone who has had an abortion, don’t buy them a gag gift and disguise it as a celebration,” Autumn advised. “Treat it for what it is: a terrible loss.”

“Go sit with her in her grief,” Autumn suggested. “Pray for her. Remind her of God’s redemption, and comfort her in her suffering.”

“Offer your friendship and promise to help her find healing.”

When I see and hear from young people like Autumn, it gives me hope that we have not completely lost our future to the darkest, most reprobate places in the human heart. A light still shines in our youth, beyond that which Teen Vogue has targeted.

I encourage you to watch the full video, and then pass it on.

Let it fire you up, in the same way it did for me.

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