All The More Reason to Release The Taxes

Donald Trump was able to take a $14 million inheritance and turn it into a nearly billion dollar loss that got him out of paying taxes for years. His campaign says, and a lot of people might agree, that this was pretty smart. He was able to use the tax code for his personal benefit and offset losses.

Right now his surrogates and many supporters are using the word “brilliant” to describe his use of the tax code.

If he is so brilliant, why not release all his taxes so we can see the complete brilliance? The IRS has said there is no restriction on releasing taxes while under audit. Richard Nixon released his taxes while under audit.

If Trump is so brilliant and used the tax code so brilliantly, release all the taxes so we can be dazzled by the staggering amount of brilliance.

The Trump argument countering the New York Times leak does undermine Trump’s insistence that he will not release his current taxes.

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