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Allegedly, the Trump Team Will Nominate Sonny Perdue as Secretary of Agriculture

This was supposed to come last week. I am told the Trump transition team searched in vain for a hispanic Democrat for Ag secretary, but they could not find anyone who meshed with the team. Waiting in the wings the whole time was former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue. The announcement was supposedly supposed to come last Monday, but then Senator Chuck Grassley threw a wrench in the plans.

Grassley tweeted out that he hoped Trump would pick a mid-western Secretary of Agriculture. The Trump team hit the brakes on the nomination and started re-examining people.

And now they have come back to Sonny Perdue. Allegedly, this afternoon Sonny Perdue will be nominated as Secretary of Agriculture. Perdue, Georgia’s first Republican governor since Reconstruction, had been the Democrat leader in the state senate before switching parties in 2001, prior to his nomination. He picked off then Governor Roy Barnes and served eight years. Perdue is a veterinarian and has been in business related to agriculture for some time.

He would be a good pick for Agriculture Secretary and I suspect Chuck Grassley, who I’m told signed off on his nomination, will be pleased. It should be noted that Sonny Perdue’s cousin, Senator David Perdue, sits on the Agriculture Committee.

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