An Astounding Fact About Trump Supporters

Donald Trump might just be a uniter after all. He’s gotten principled conservatives to abandon their commitment to pro-life, pro-trade, states’ rights and small government policies.

He’s gotten high profile evangelicals to support him after saying he doesn’t need to repent for his sins, essentially because he has none. He claims that he’ll attract Latinos with his taco bowl initiative after calling Mexican illegal immigrants rapists and criminals. And he’s gotten some black leaders like Ben Carson to stand by him while white supremacists viciously defend their Fuhrer. It’s a very strange brew.

But now Trump has done something even I thought was impossible. He’s managed to completely ruffle Jews on both the left and the right as his (and his wife Melania’s) “fans” attack them for nothing more than being Jewish.

Ben Shapiro wrote in National Review:

Trump’s anti-Semitic supporters believe they’ve identified that enemy, even if Trump won’t say it out loud. The anti-Semites believe that Trump’s zero-sum critique of free markets and foreign policy hawkishness, combined with his “America first” posturing, amounts to a rejection of the supposedly Jewish financial lobby on the one hand and the supposedly all-powerful Israel lobby on the other; they believe that Trump’s nationalism without philosophy amounts to an embrace of the blood-and-soil white supremacism they celebrate.

Melania half apologized for her “fans” getting out of hand, like a dog that strains on the leash to bite a stranger. Bad dog!

What’s really astounding here is that Melania’s step-daughter Ivanka is, herself, Jewish.

Ivanka converted in 2009 before her marriage to Jared Kushner. She rarely discusses her conversion or her Judaism. There is the occasional glimpse on her Instagram feed: Shabbat dinner preparations or mishloach manot baskets and costumes for Purim. She is an involved Jew, but not necessarily one that fits the Orthodox stereotype, posting about non-Kosher food and not-tznius outfits on social media.

Is Ivanka’s conversion real? I have some personal experience with this. My step-father converted to Judaism before marrying my Jewish mother. At 50 years old, he even got circumcised (that’s commitment!). Was he the best, most observant Jew? No. But our family wasn’t the best, most observant family before my mother married him. My biological father (who is Jewish by birth) used to drop me off at Shul on Saturday mornings and then pick me up when it was over. He never went.

I’d say that my converted-Jew step-father Danny was a “better Jew”–as in more observant–than my Jewish biological father. So Ivanka is probably doing her best to be a Yiddisha-mama. And, of course, she unquestioningly supports her daddy.

In fact, it’s likely that Ivanka will be one of Trump’s closest advisors should he ascend to office. But do we see the Heil Hitler crowd attacking her? No. They put down their anti-Semitism in fealty to their Lord and Master, Trump. They are his leash dogs, like the conservatives, the evangelicals, and the disaffected middle-class whites. They only attack those who attack their Master, but not the Master or his family.

Nothing could be a bigger red flag that Trump’s appeal is akin to a cult of personality. He attracts supporters from every quarter who are looking for someone to blame. Those supporters hear his dog whistles but only when they come from their new Master. The supporters stay loyal to their Master but stay in line when the Master does something completely anathema to their own beliefs.

They only hear their Master’s voice, and Trump is never wrong, no matter how incoherent or contradictory his statements. That, my friend, is astounding. Sociologists will study the Trump phenomenon for years after this election cycle.

Those who follow Trump: Jews, those who call Jews “kikes,” blacks, those who want blacks to “go back to Africa,” evangelicals, those who want Christ-followers out of the public square, have joined a cult. Nothing good can come of that.


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