An Easy Way To Add $1 Trillion To the Economy

The Environmental Protection Agency is the worst soul-sucking Leviathan in the federal lunatic asylum. It literally accomplished no purpose that other agencies could not fulfill (and did fulfill, up until Nixon handed them over to the EPA).

I wrote this in 2014:

There’s only one purpose for the EPA: as a haven for guilt-ridden liberals to fantasize how they will rule the country at gunpoint, although other kinds of fantasizing goes on there (child porn) too.  The problem is, at least some of these fantasies carry the weight of law, making the EPA the National Mafia, shaking down corporations at will.  They are more effective at targeting political enemies than the IRS, and they have less oversight than practically any other Federal department*.

And now the American Action Forum has estimated the regulatory burden on the U.S., and individual citizens, at $3,080 for every man, woman and child in America. That’s over $1 trillion.

The Obama Administration surpassed 500 major regulations last summer, imposing $625 billion in cumulative costs. Earlier this year, regulators published the administration’s 600th major rule, increasing burdens to $743 billion,” [AAF’s director of regulatory policy Sam Batkins said]. “Now, thanks to data from the last term of the Bush Administration and another billion-dollar rule from EPA, the regulatory tally has surpassed $1 trillion. These figures are direct estimates from federal regulators, but it will take more than an effort from these regulators to amend hundreds of major regulations. Congress, the next president, and even the courts must participate in the next generation of regulatory modernization.

This means that each of the EPA’s 15,193 employees creates $65.8 million in regulatory costs to America. That’s got to be some kind of record for federal soul-sucking.

The best way to add a trillion dollars back into the economy is to shutter the EPA. Close it and turn the space at 1310 L Street into luxury condominiums. The USDA and the Department of Interior would not even miss a beat taking over the EPA’s functions, which are essentially duplicative of those agencies to begin with.

Keep NASA, keep the U.S. Board on Geographic Names, but please, for the love of all that is green and living, stop the invidious plague that the EPA has become.

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