An Irving Edging

Evelyn is in the habit of asking me to tell her stories. There’s the story about the castle with 2,000 steps in Greece. I showed her pictures of that castle the other night and it has become the nightly story, replacing the story about Aunt Gretchen’s pacifier getting swiped by a monkey.

Tonight she told me I needed to tell her the story about Ampa (my dad) and the witch. I told her I didn’t know that story. She sighed in that “don’t you know anything” way then told me it was “an irving edging and everybody knows those.”

A what?

An urban legend.

Where the heck did my ***three year old*** learn about urban legends?!

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  • Were you that little monkey? My boys are into urband legends like you wouldn’t believe. They believe in Bigfoot, Mothman, everything and will watch anything that comes on about these subjects. Your little girl is just a bright little sponge!