Matt Sanborn, of Laconia, N.H., a Boston College student who volunteered for Democratic candidates including Hillary Clinton and U.S. Senate challenger Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire, rests his hands on the top of his head while watching election returns during an election night rally in Manchester, N.H., Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

An Open Letter to the Democrats

We have found common ground on much this election cycle in our shared opposition to Donald Trump. This morning we can find common ground on accepting Hillary Clinton is a genuinely terrible candidate.

Your opposition to Donald Trump came from your belief that he was too radically right and my opposition to Trump came because I belief he is not really a conservative. You and I will continue to disagree on much.

What you are experiencing right now is far more traumatic than what the GOP experienced in 2008. By the end, we knew McCain was toast because of his campaign suspension stunt, etc. This was, for you, close to our 2012, and you now, like us then, treated Nate Silver badly this time around. He was, again, more right than wrong.

But here’s the thing — in 2008, Republicans, myself included, freaked the hell out over Barack Obama getting elected. I said many terrible things I regret and for which I have apologized. Don’t be like I was then. The internet is even more forever now than it was then.

You wanted us to wish President Obama well then. I hope you will wish President Trump well now. I have always, even when I genuinely could not stand the man, respected President Obama as my President. I hope you will do the same with President Trump.

Our nation depends on our moving past disagreements and working together as Americans. Many of you said as much in the past week when you thought Trump would never win. I hope you will continue to believe it.

We are not always going to agree. Sometimes the fights will be intense. But at the end of the day we’re all Americans and we all have a vested interest in the success of our country.

This morning you expected to witness the break up of the GOP. I did too. Instead, we are watching your party implode. There but by the grace of God go I. I got much wrong in this election and a lot of it stemmed from failing to relate to those who are hurting most in our society. Instead of condemning them and labeling them all bigots and racists and deplorables, I hope you will try to relate to them, connect to them, and recognize their legitimate concerns as I must do too.

Don’t be who you think my side is. Behave as you wish we would. If I can model humility in the face of staggering wrongness over this election, I hope you can too. And remember, everything really is going to be okay.

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